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Mine, Yes Mine

Ramblings and Rants

Tanveer Singh
9 April
Well my name is Tanveer. If u like hex code.. well it is 54-41-4E-56-45-45-52 in uppercase and 74-61-6E-65-65-72 in lowecase (8 bit ascii code)
I was (22*1092+9982)-33984 years old on 9apr2001. well u can calculete my dob now. As for what am i doing here i am writing the stuff u are reading(By the way when u read this i wont be writing the stuff, i will definately be doing something else). In case u want to know more about me, i have 2 eyes, one nose 2 legs 2 arms etc.,. Anyways since u have queried, u most be wanting to know more about me, and moreover u have read till this point, so i guess u have a lot of time to waste. Well i was born on planet earth. Its the 3rd planet from the sun. ours planetery sytem is called the solar system. well i presume that u are from earth too so this is not very specific. gettin down to specifics u can figure out that urself ;-)

And I like Mandrake Linux, and F1 and Rock

you can visit my website at http://www.tanveerkhaira.org or http://www.tanveer.in. both are effectively the same


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